News: This section will be used for any brief news announcements - I am in the process of updating the trees, one at a time, starting with KENT01 and working my way through them. When each tree is done, it will be uploaded before I start the next- any additions and/or corrections will be very welcome
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      St Peter & St Paul's Church, Charing, Kent, England


    Welcome to the Vant and Variations One-Name Study Website - At present the website is quite small, there being only three main Vant families in England, one in Yorkshire and two in Kent [all of these have spread to Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand]. I have found no evidence that these families are related. I will keep looking. I have further information about VANTKENT01 and their spread to New Zealand, this will be added as soon as I have finished adding it to the original tree. There are a couple of smaller families which, as yet, I have not added. They will be uploaded to the website as as soon as they are large enough. Please remember that at this time all trees, and the site itself, are still "a work in progress". If you decide to use any of the information on the site, the only thing I ask is that you acknowledge where you got your information. Thank you. If you have any difficulty finding you way around the site please contact me and we can sort it out. If you have any suggestions, revisions, additions etc, please contact me. I will always cite where I got my information unless you wish anonymity.
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